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Hear Québec offers marketing opportunities to companies, organizations and individuals to communicate directly with our members and professional partners via our print magazine platform, HEARHEAR. As the only non-profit organization that provides programs and services for the Anglophone population across Québec, HEARHEAR has fostered a devoted readership and substantial subscriptions from a diverse range of professional offices that are important, sympathetic and related to bettering the hearing loss community in unique and varied ways. The magazine’s distribution list includes hearing health professionals, partnered companies, universities and colleges and students, seniors, audiologists, and ENT offices. 

The magazine contains information regarding the latest conferences, technological advancement, safe spaces that offer hearing loss support systems, social events, and stories from beneficiaries.

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HEARHEAR Magazine empowers its advertisers by giving them premium access to a readership that has been increasing and has continued growing for over 40 years. Our communications team synthesizes media expertise, strategic marketing, and a passion for introducing our members to services and products that could improve their quality of life. 

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