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Monthly Donations – Click Here

Your monthly donations allow us to plan ahead! We have big dreams for our programs and services, and knowing we can rely on you helps our members take advantage of everything that Hear Québec has to offer.

One-Time Donations – Click Here

Your one-time donation supports programs like Speechreading, the Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Program, and Outreach. A one-time donation of $54 can provide refreshments for a whole session of Speechreading classes, and a one-time donation of $100 covers the cost of educating 25 kids about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss, and teaches them how to protect themselves.

Donations in Memory – Click Here

Every year Hear Québec receives donations in memory of loved ones who were affected by hearing loss and have passed away. If your loved one lived with hearing loss, consider making a donation in their memory. Loved ones may also be recognized with a photo in our spring magazine. If you would like to do this type of donation, please add a note under “Please contact us for more information.

Donations in Honour – Click Here

Do you know somebody who is making a difference? Or would you like to donate on your special day as a fundraiser for Hear Québec? Donations may be made in honour of birthdays, anniversaries, friends, family, professionals–anybody you would like to recognize. They will receive a card letting them know that you have donated in their honour. If you would like to do this type of donation, please add a note under “

Bequests – Click Here

Consider recognizing Hear Québec in your will. Donations made this way can support an annual prize or scholarship, or may be dedicated to a particular program or service. If you would like to do this type of donation, please add a note under “ Please contact Heidy Wager, Executive Director, at heidywager@hearhear.org for more information.

Special Campaigns – Click Here 

Hear for the Holidays — To help raise funds for accessibility

World Hearing Day — Social media campaign 

Accessibility — The Bonnycastle Scholarship

“Going into a store with people wearing cloth masks makes things very difficult,” stated Tahsin Mohammad, a Cochlear Implant user. He explained, “It is even more challenging when it’s a noisy environment. The use of masks with transparent windows is simple and helps me lipread. Very accessible for the hard of hearing.”

Testimonials from volunteers and a donor

Understanding empathy and compassion

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