We could not have made a difference in the lives of so many people living with hearing loss without the support of all our partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers who have generously given their resources for more than four decades to help us achieve our goals. We look forward to continuing to work in collaboration during this next chapter of Hear Québec.

We are fortunate to have partnerships with both regional and national organizations. We also look forward to extending our reach to new partners, private companies, hearing health organizations and professionals, as well as governmental organizations such as CIUSSS and Santé Publique. 

We will continue to raise awareness about our mission, and hearing loss (including noise-induced hearing loss), but more importantly, we will continue to develop, and strengthen our collaboration within our communities. We see ourselves as a bridge linking our members to all the resources available to them, and connecting them to our community of partners. 



Educational Institutional Partners



For more information, please contact the office, (514) 488-5552 ext: 4500 or email

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