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  • My Hearing Loss Journey

    “Though I was unaware of it, I began to damage my hearing as early as twelve years of age.”

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  • Outreach

    The main goal of the Outreach Program is to shed light on the invisibility of hearing loss.

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Through information sessions, publications, and our resource centre, CHIP provides a wealth of info on hearing loss.


Check out the annual CHIP conference and information sessions and workshops on specific topics like ALDs.


CHIP offers a variety of empowering programs including Speechreading classes, signed English and Outreach.


CHIP is for people affected by hearing loss. We welcome family, friends, colleagues, and community organizations as well.

CHIP’s Vision

CHIP’s vision is a community where we can hear, be heard, and thrive!

My Hearing Loss Journey: George Vogen

Though I was unaware of it, I began to damage my hearing as early as twelve years of age. I spent summers in Northern Manitoba prospecting for gold with my thirteen-year-old brother and a seventy-year-old family friend. We canoed and…

Putting Self-Care First

If you have a hearing loss, there is an added layer of self-care needed. Being hard of hearing can add stresses and frustrations, and there is a whole gamut of new skills and tasks that require our attention. We have to learn more about…

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and events for young adults with hearing loss! #chiphearhear #montreal #hearingloss #hardofhearing #YASC ...

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