La mission d’Entendre Québec

Notre mission est d’améliorer le bien-être des personnes qui vivent avec une perte auditive et d’aider à prévenir la perte auditive chez les générations futures.

Offrir annuellement des activités qui favorisent l‘inclusion sociale grâce au développement d’une communauté accessible.

Renforcer la vitalité des membres grâce au développement des compétences.

Promouvoir le changement en fournissant un soutien, des références et des informations.

Développer continuellement des relations avec les organisations locales liées à notre mission.

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11 hours ago

Hear Entendre Québec
👂🌟 As we gear up to celebrate World Hearing Day on March 3rd, join us in kicking off our series of posts dedicated to promoting ear and hearing care for all! 🌍✨ Starting with the theme "Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all," we're highlighting the importance of prioritizing our hearing health. 🎧✅ Just as we routinely schedule check-ups for our eyes, blood, and physical well-being, it's vital to remember the significance of regular hearing tests. 📈💡 Don't wait until it's too late – take a proactive step towards lifelong hearing health. 🗣️💙 Dive deeper into this topic by exploring our insightful article, "The Importance of Hearing Health" by Sabrina. 📚🔍 Follow the link to access it: Let's pave the way towards World Hearing Day together by raising awareness and making ear care accessible to all! 🌟 Plus, let's not forget that we're still raising funds thanks to the generosity of Faith Gould, who initiated a fundraising campaign on her birthday to support our organization. 💓Your support is crucial for making Montreal more accessible for people with hearing loss 💝❣️Your donations will help us continue to provide resources like these and further strengthen our peer-to-peer programs.💞#HearQuébec #EntendreQuébec #HearEntendreQuébec #HearHear #HOH #HL #Accessibility #hearingloss #AwarenessMatters #ASL #nonprofits #nonprofitsupport #montreal #mtl #mtlnonprofits #mtllife #mtlmoments #hardofhearing #hardofhearinglife #donate #donatenow #donatetoday #fundraising #fundraiser #fundraising ... See MoreSee Less
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