Resources and Referrals

People with hearing loss have the resources & referrals they need to thrive and navigate their personal hearing journey.

One-On-One Information & Referral Services

This is for members and non members who need help managing their hearing loss. Many individuals with hearing loss need additional support. Hear Québec has a network of partners, specialists and members with lived experience of hearing loss who are ready to answer your questions and provide one-on-one support. Please contact the office to find out how we can help.

Support for Students and Educators

Students with hearing loss and their educators often benefit from additional support in finding the resources and information that they need. We have helped many students get in touch with the academic advisors in order to better their educational experience.  

We are also happy to help students find scholarships and bursaries for those with hearing loss.

Workplace Support

Hear Québec offers one on one support to any professional affected by hearing loss. We are committed to helping tear down barriers for those with hearing loss in their professional lives. We are happy to share our knowledge about:

  1. Accessibility in the Workplace
    • How to make your meeting, workshops or webinars accessible to those with hearing loss. 
  2. Employment Services
  3. Working with Hearing Loss during the Pandemic
    • Professionals: Click here to view and print the article.

To book a one-on-one with a Hear Québec representative or for more information about our resources and referral services, contact the office today.