Speechreading (lipreading) Program

What is Speechreading?

Whether or not you have a hearing loss, attending a speechreading course will improve your understanding of the challenges involved in hearing loss and ability to communicate in spite of them.

Speechreading is more than just “reading lips;” skills taught include:

  • Watching the speaker’s lips, tongue, jaw, facial expression and body language
  • Making educated guesses based on context
  • Maximizing the use of hearing devices
  • Using strategies to deal with challenging or noisy situations

Upcoming Classes

*Classes may be cancelled if advance registration is low. Register early to secure your spot!

“The speechreading courses have helped me to understand and accept my disability, and radically improve my strategies in ensuring that I understand what is being said, keeping my sense of humour and educating others on how to help me.”

Marie Murphy

CHIP has been offering speechreading classes for over thirty years. Our highly qualified instructors are accredited by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA). CHIP uses CHHA’s National Speechreading Program, a Canada-wide initiative that ensures participants receive the best quality instruction in speechreading and communication strategies.

Our courses will not only help improve your overall sense of independence and your ability to advocate for yourself, but also provide valuable information regarding hearing loss in general and your rights as a person with hearing loss. You will also learn about assistive listening devices and community resources to help you fully engage in all aspects of life.  

You will meet people who face similar challenges and have the opportunity to share experiences in a congenial and friendly environment.


To inquire about our classes, please contact our office at info@hearhear.org or 514-488-5552 ext. 4500Our cell number for texting is 514-797-2447