Speechreading (lipreading) Program

Speechreading is a highly useful skill anyone can develop to help better understand another person’s speech. Speechreading involves much more than lipreading, because speechreaders not only focus on the lip and jaw movements of the speaker, but also make use of  the speaker’s facial expressions and tone of voice, the topic of conversation, their own residual hearing, and other strategies to improve the quality of their conversations.

Upcoming Classes

*We know that some of you are unable to attend daytime classes, so we will offer evening classes if enough people express an interest. We need a minimum of six (6) participants to get started. If you live off the island of Montreal (Laval or South Shore), and would like to have a course in your neighborhood, invite all your friends and family members, and contact us!*

“The speechreading courses have helped me to understand and accept my disability, and radically improve my strategies in ensuring that I understand what is being said, keeping my sense of humour and educating others on how to help me.”

Marie Murphy

Once these skills are learned, they can be used at work, school, while travelling, at family gatherings, in restaurants, and in many other social situations.

We have been offering our speechreading program for over thirty years and have several highly qualified instructors accredited by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA). Our instructors are open to any questions or concerns you may have about your own communication difficulties or about how you can best help those around you with hearing loss.

Our courses not only help participants improve their overall sense of independence and ability to advocate for themselves, but also provide valuable information regarding hearing loss in general,  the rights of people with hearing loss, as well as assistive listening devices and community resources to help participants fully engage in all aspects of life.

We currently use the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s National Speechreading Program, a Canada-wide initiative which ensures that participants receive the best quality instruction in speechreading and communication strategies.


To inquire about our classes, please contact our office at info@hearhear.org or 514-488-5552 ext. 4500Our cell number for texting is 514-797-2447