Outreach Program

Shedding light on the invisibility of hearing loss.

Some are unaware of the problems and difficulties encountered in everyday situations by individuals who are hard of hearing. Because hearing loss is invisible and often misunderstood, CHIP’s Outreach Program strives to educate, sensitize, and inform the public about it.

The emphasis is on promoting an understanding of hearing loss and its impact, and on providing services, resources, and useful information.

The Outreach Program is designed to:

  • Help people identify and adjust to hearing loss;
  • Share strategies about our own hearing losses and how we cope;
  • Provide hard of hearing people with the knowledge and skills to  help them move forward;
  • Promote self-advocacy;
  • Increase understanding of hearing loss;
  • Raise awareness of those working with or caring for people who are hard of hearing;
  • Publicize various CHIP programs;
  • Describe and demonstrate some of the latest assistive listening devices;
  • Explain Government services available for the hard of hearing.

Who delivers this program

  • The program is supported by a team of experts who live with hearing loss.

Who would benefit from an outreach

  • Community leaders
  • Hospitals and health providers
  • Religious groups
  • Staff of seniors’ residences and nursing homes
  • Educational institutions, including CEGEPs and universities

*Programs are tailored to meet the needs of each group requesting the service

Audiometric results from the 2012/2013 Canadian Health Measures Survey reported that high-frequency hearing loss was prevalent in 35.4% of Canadians aged 20 to 70.

Canada: (http://www.chs.ca/facts-and-figure)

For more information or to request the services of this program, please contact CHIP’s administrative assistant at 514-488-5552 ext: 4500 or info@hearhear.org. Our Cell number for texting is 514-797-2447.