Information Sessions

Information sessions are held during the day and in the evening and are offered to people interested in sharing their stories, experiences, or general information about issues pertaining to hearing loss.

Information sessions can also be given as an introduction to our organization. The purpose is to bring people together to connect and enjoy social time.

As there are no predetermined dates and times for those sessions, people who are interested are encouraged to contact the office by email or phone to receive more information. We offer information sessions when there is a need or request.

Upcoming Information Sessions

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“I think that it’s wonderful that CHIP offers these courses. More has to be done to let the public know about this organization and all the work it does to help the hard of hearing integrate into society …”

– Basha Schechner-Myers

For more information or to request the services of this program, please contact CHIP’s administrative assistant at 514-488-5552 ext: 4500 or Our Cell number for texting is 514-797-2447.