Lily Bernstein (LB) Program

Support and Referral Services

Lily Bernstein was one of Hear Québec’s founding members and the first elected president. Lily had a dream for some time to provide help to hard of hearing people, through accessibility, information sharing and communication strategies.

Those affected by hearing loss require the initial support and ongoing resources/information in order to overcome the barriers that come with hearing loss and to fully incorporate themselves into society.

“I have congenital hearing loss and have had a Cochlear Implant since 2004. Before that, I had two hearing aids. Working as a graphic designer and photographer at Hear Québec (previously known as CHIP) has improved my communication and social skills and helped me build relationships and confidence. CHIP helped me attend the CHHA (Canadian Hard of Hearing Association) Youth Forum, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned about each person’s experience of hearing loss, how they adapted to it, how it affected their careers and what their goals are. Their experience made me learn so much and understand what hearing loss means for different people. I will never forget this experience and I will always cherish those moments and the marvelous people I met.”  Tahsin Mohammad

The Lily Bernstein (LB) Program includes:

  • This is a platform where we share hearing health information through our social media platforms and website. This information directly affects people with hearing loss, such as:
    • Safety and Security campaign – how the hearing loss community can be safe and secure. For example, we provide information about Text 911, a free service available to all Canadians (registration required).
  • Digital (printable) resource materials – including Hear Québec’s bi-annual HEARHEAR magazine. 
  • HEARTalk 
  • In person or online informational workshops about hearing health or various topics that can affect our members.
      • Upcoming workshops

Support and Referral Services

  • We are currently developing a one-on-one peer mentoring support service for our members. This includes understanding your hearing loss, advice about how to gain access to services and getting answers to questions you may have about your hearing aids or assistive listening devices ALD(s). Many individuals with hearing loss need additional support. This additional support allows members to have any additional questions answered and information about the services available that may help them. If you are interested in getting together to discuss any questions you might have, please contact the office.

Youth & Young Adult Members (16-30 years old)

Hear Québec is recruiting young adult members. If you are a young adult who is hard of hearing, we want to get to know you! And we want you to feel included!

To learn more, please email the Program Coordinator ( for more information.

Accessibility, Social Outings & Activities

We have several social outings where we provide accessibility to ensure that everyone feels included. Follow this link to “Programs and Events” for more information!

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