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Hear Hear Magazine

The Hear Hear Magazine, formerly “The Communicaider” was started 35 years ago, by one of CHIP’s founding members, Alvin Goldman. In the Fall issue of 2004, when CHIP was celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Alvin retold the story of how The Communicaider came to be.  Since Alvin has a background in media work, it was recommended by Lily Bernstein that he consider expanding his responsibilities by creating and editing a bulletin or newsletter for CHIP. He was thinking about what to call this publication when he asked himself,  “What are you trying to say? How would you describe the purpose of this publication?”  The answer was, “Well, I want it to be a vehicle for communication with our members.” Thus, The Communicaider was born! Many people have since worked on creating issues of the newsletter. In fact some of the original issues from 1984, that were typed up on a typewriter, are located in the CHIP administrative office in our archive files. This is a precious part of CHIP’s amazing history.