Where is CHIP located and how do I get there by public transportation?

CHIP is located at 7000 Sherbrooke Street West at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (MMRC), just east of Concordia University, Loyola Campus

By Metro:

  • Villa Maria – Bus 162 towards Coronation and cross the street
  • Vendome – Bus 105 towards Coronation and cross the street

Do you give hearing tests?

CHIP has neither licensed audiologists nor facilities to conduct hearing tests.

Do you sell hearing aids?

Hearing aids may be purchased from an acoustician (hearing aid provider). CHIP has a list of acousticians by area; you may choose one close to your home if you prefer.

At the CHIP ALD (Assistive Listening Device) Resource Centre you may obtain general information on the different types and styles of assistive listening devices and their advantages and disadvantages. You should also consult with your audiologist and acoustician to determine which type is best for your particular hearing loss. Armed with this information you will be in a better position to  obtain the best type and fit that suits you.    

How do I become a member?

You can obtain our membership form online under the Membership tab, or you can drop in or call the office to obtain a membership form.

Are there any costs to attend seminars, workshops, and courses?

Most seminars and workshops are free. There is a modest fee for some courses. See our Calendar of Events for details.

How do I register for seminars, workshops, courses?

In the spring and fall, CHIP offers various programs, workshops, information sessions and seminars. You may check for the date and time on our Calendar. Some services are offered only upon request. For additional details, you may send your questions to us by email at info@hearhear.org, or call the office at (514) 488-5552, ext 4500. Our Cell number for texting is 514-797-2447

How do I find out about dates and times?

Click the Calendar Month View link on the main menu at the top of any page on the website.  The information will be displayed in calendar format.   

Can I make an appointment to the ALD Resource Centre by email?

Request an appointment at info@hearhear.org or by calling the CHIP office at:
(514) 488-5552, ext 4500  our Cell number for texting is 514-797-2447

ALD Forms can be found online at this link.

I now have a deep understanding of the complexities of living with hearing impairment.  I have become aware of how important it is for family members to know of the challenges their loved one is experiencing.

– Elizabeth Maloney