#GivingTuesday, the international day of giving that brings communities together in support of good causes, is also the beginning of Hear Québec’s 12 Days of Gifting Celebration this year!

What is the 12 Days of Gifting? It is a way for us to give back to our community and to pay it forward as we celebrate this holiday season. Although we cannot host our usual Holiday Brunch this year due to uncertainties with COVID-19, the 12 Days of Gifting Celebration is our way of connecting with our community, showing our gratitude for your support, and saying thank you for all that you do! You make it possible for the hard of hearing community to feel supported, and it is important to us that everyone knows how much we appreciate our members, donors, partners, staff, and volunteers.

Starting November 30th and going until December 11th, each day there will be a special activity that will bring our community together in celebration. All of our events are open to everyone, whether a member or not, and all of our content will be shared on all of our platforms. Along with the special activities we have planned, we will be giving gifts of appreciation to donors for each day of the celebration. This is our small way to show you how grateful we are for your support. Your gift keeps us connected and allows the message of accessibility to be spread far and wide to promote inclusion. 

To register for any of the events, please fill out this form by noon the day before the activity(ies) you would like to attend. On this form, you will indicate which events you would like to attend and for which days you would like your donations to go towards the prize.

To make a donation for 12 Days of Gifting, use this link.

Click below for more information about each day.

Today the team at Hear Québec will be stationed around the city at key locations to pass out clear masks. Our goal is to spread awareness about accessibility one mask at a time and to give people in the Montreal community tangible resources to start to be more accessible. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more on #GivingTuesday will also receive a free box of masks!

We will be sharing a special video with everyone today. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox and on our social media to see the video. We are also hosting an information session this evening at 6 pm about the different speechreading options we have available this winter, and the first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day will be sponsored by Hear Québec to take the Canadian Hard of Hearing’s online Read Our Lips course for free! Please note, that if sponsored to take this course for free, you are required to participate in weekly meetings to discuss what you learn and cannot have taken the course previously. Everyone else will be offered a special Hear Québec 20% discount code to take the Rear Our Lips course!

Coffee Break goes on a field trip today! Join us as we head to Cafe 92 at 6703 Sherbrooke Street West to have coffee in an accessible community cafe. Everyone is welcome! The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for today will receive a free coffee and goody bag!

Have you been feeling a lack of opportunity to show your creativity? Worry no longer! Hear Québec will be hosting a virtual arts and crafts evening tonight at 7 pm where we all get together to create from home over Google Meet. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this event will receive all of the supplies for the craft on us and delivered to your door!

We will be sharing inspiring stories about the resilience of people with hearing loss today. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day will receive a Hear Québec tote bag!

Hear Québec is proud to be a trusted resource for hearing health information, and today we will be sharing special accessibility tip sheets created to help you enjoy the holiday season. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day will also receive a tip sheet that gives a sneak peak at an exciting new technology that will be talked about in the upcoming Spring version of our magazine!

During this season of giving, we want to give you the opportunity to get out and give back to the community. Join us today for a special volunteer event where we will help prepare emergency kits and supply bags for people in need. Everyone who comes to this event will be treated to a soup and salad lunch made by Heidy and Layne, and the first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day will receive a special surprise gift from us!

Have you thought about emergency preparedness and your hearing loss? Hearing health emergency kits that can be kept by your door or in your car are important to have to be ready in case an emergency situation ever arises. Today Hear Québec will be giving out hearing health emergency kits to the first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day!

Do you love gift baskets? So do we! There will be two baskets being raffled today – one for non-donors and a deluxe basket for donors. Everyone who registers by signing up below for this event will have their name entered into the non-donor raffle, and every donation of $25 made for this day will be given an entry ticket into the deluxe basket raffle to win awesome gift baskets. In other words, for every $25 you give for this day, you will receive a deluxe raffle ticket; there is no cap on the number of tickets you can have. Winners will be announced at noon on this day, so make sure to make your donation before December 8th and specify that it is for basket day.

Hear Québec brings the McCord Museum to you for an accessible outing! We have trained the museum staff on how to use our FM systems, and these will be available during our tour. Everyone is welcome at this event (maximum of 15 people in the guided tour).

Today we give back to the community, and we welcome you to join us in paying it forward! Hear Québec will be collecting donations for Nazareth Community which houses homeless men and women and gives them mental health support. Please see this list to find out what donations we are collecting. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for today will receive a free ‘Pay it Forward Bag’ that we have created which you can keep as a resource to give to people in need in your community! These bags will contain items such as water bottles, granola bars, and resource sheets which can be given to people in need.

To wrap up the 12 Days of Gifting, we are honored to welcome Gael Hannan as a guest speaker! Facilitated by Abby Stonehouse, Gael will join us on Zoom at 1 pm to talk about hearing loss and the holidays. The first 12 people to make a donation of $25 or more for this day will receive a free personalized and signed copy of Gael’s Book The Way I Hear It!

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who would like a chance to earn one of the special prizes that we have for you but who cannot afford a $25 donation can still enter to win one day’s prize by giving their time instead and volunteering with us on volunteer day on December 6th. Additionally, if you would like to sponsor someone who cannot afford a $25 donation to be among one day’s special gift winners, you can make a $25 donation via this link and write ‘sponsorship’ the notes or special instructions section. 

To register for the 12 Days of Gifting, please use this registration form. 

If you need help registering for the 12 Days, please call the office at 514-488-5552 extension 4500.