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Useful Links


Assistive Devices

ALDS Canada
Assistive devices, TTYs, Amplified telephones, Loop Systems, FM systems

Bell Canada
Special needs – telephones, telephone amplifiers

Canadian Hearing Society – Assitive devices

Assistive devices, Amplified telephones, Personal Amplifiers, Neck loops

Hitec – Environmental Systems, Amplified telephones, Personal Amplifiers

Phonic Ear - FM Systems, Personal Amplifiers

Sonic Alert - Environmental Systems, Personal Amplifiers, Alarm clock vibrator

Harris Communication - Products for Hearing Impaired

Williams Sound - Neck loops, Infrared and FM Systems, Personal Amplifiers


Hearing Aids



Siemens Hearing

Sonovation (AVR)



Widex Canada


Hearing Societies

Canadian Hard of Hearing Society

Canadian Hearing Society

Canadian Tinnitus Association

Hearing Loss Association of America (SHHH)

Institut Raymond-Dewar, services for French speaking hearing-impaired

This site allows the hearing impaired to obtain information from different organizations on devices, hearing loss, hearing aids, and research on hearing loss.



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