Assistive Listening Devices Service (ALD)

The ALD Program is a non-clinical program providing CHIP members with knowledge about assistive listening devices (ALDs) in a comfortable, welcoming environment. CHIP members are paired with a trained peer mentor, who is hard of  hearing, fostering trust and mutual understanding. CHIP members receive one-on-one information sessions allowing them to make informed decisions about which ALDs are best suited for their needs and their hearing loss.  

Research has shown that 30% of older adults abandon or do not use ALDs because they are not comfortable with the devices or do not know how to use them (Reimer-Reiss & Wacker, 2000)

The information we provide will enable CHIP members to use their equipment in ways that improve their quality of life including:

  • How to use ALDs
  • The different types of ALDs (i.e. Environmental, Television and Telephone)
  • How to incorporate ALDs into their everyday lives
  • What ALDs are available through the RAMQ (government) program
  • Which ALDs are available through the RAMQ (government) program as well as those available for purchase privately

*CHIP does not sell or repair any devices.

Online Scheduling Coming Soon!

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact the Administrative Assistant at 514-488-5552  ext: 4500 or  Our cell number for texting is 514-797-2447.